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The renowned Swiss pianist Hanny Schmid Wyss has performed as a soloist with major orchestras in the United States, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Romania and  has recorded and appeared on TV and Radiobroadcasts in Italy, Germany, Austria, the United States, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Romania. She is acclaimed for her "masterful performance" in recitals and chamber music. Also she is a distinguished honorary member of Sigma Alpha Iota.
Hanny Schmid Wyss' repertoire ranges from early Baroque to the late 20th Century's contemporary music. Several composers have dedicated concertos and piano works to her, which she premiered with great success.
She tours extensively, gives Master Classes, is invited to be a judge and has an outstanding reputation for her lecture recitals, which have been praised as „comments and interpretation in complete harmony.“ She offers them in „standard programs“ as well as in programs which follow a theme, such as:  "Switzerland, an inspiration upon both, the famous and lesser known composers." "Zurich, sphere of action of famous composers." "The water, a fascinating element for many composers" etc.
The press, as well as the public, praises her magnificent playing, her exceptional sound, her outstanding expression as well as her perfect technique!
Musical Education
At the age of 5 first piano lessons.
- With 19 years Graduation (bachelor) Zurich Music Academy,  Switzerland
- 3 years later Dr. of Performance at the same Institute with Prof. B. Bidermann)
- Scholarship due to outstanding level at the Staatliche Hochschule fuer    Musik in Cologne,
 Germany: with Prof. Heinz Schröter
- Dr. of Performance in Germany
- During that times always performances
- Further Masterclasses with Guido Agosti (Siena), Géza Anda and Irma Schaichet
- 1st price in College Piano Competition ( 2 times)
- 1st price at the competitions of the Int. Lyceum Womens Club
- Prizewinner of many International Piano Competitions
- Medal Laureate at the Geneva International Piano Competition (4th out of 84 pianists)
Many performances in Europe such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, (Concertgebouh Amsterdam), Romania, France, England (London Wigmore Hall) In the United States, (see list below)  and in New Zealand.
Features: Recitals with commentary
Reviewers write:
“...Commentary and interpretation in complete harmony...”, such is the press with regard to Hanny Schmid Wyss’ lecture-recitals for which she has an outstanding reputation.
Performances with Orchestras
Hanny Schmid Wyss performed with  the Orchesterverein Zürich, Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Zürcher Kammerorchester, Orchester Musikkollegium Winterthur, Kleines Zürcherensemble, Strings of Zürich, Baden- Badener Philharmonie, Germany, Philharmonia Virtuosi (New York), Lancaster Symphony, Galesburg Symphony, Radio- and TV –Orchestra Bukarest (Romania), Pforzheimer Kammerorchester, Philharmonia Teplice, (Czech Republic).
Premiered Works
Works by Swiss Composers Margrit Zimmermann, Andreas Nick, Alfred Felder, Eduard Largent (USA) etc.
Teaching Masterclasses  
in Europe and the US (see list below)
Workshops: “Concerts with commentary”
In Switzerland and Austria (Vienna)
Many Competitios in Switzerland
New Orleans:International Piano Competition
Midland (Texas):National Young Artist Competition
Vienna: University of Music, Vienna : Scolarships
Professor for 15 years at the Music School Zollikon.
Active Private teaching.
Radio /TV
Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, USA

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